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So Sami and Rafe both packed up their stuff and headed to the Dominican Republic within minutes from each other? Just a small plane ride from Salem, I suppose, and a small enough town for Sami to just walk right in on him?

EJ just comes off as a total idiot...a surprise birthday party? Really Stefano? Aside from that stupid shit, I think Nicole and Stefano can take shit on a plate and make creme brulee. They just play so well off of each other and look like they are having fun. I am just surprised that JS shrinks in their presence. He used to command all of his scenes, so either AS sucks so much that JS shined, or JS can't handle scenes with AZ and JM. Or JS is just really off recently.

Brady and Arianna still don't do it for me...just no spark, but LH is really handling her scenes well. It took her coming on for me to realize how poor of an actress FT was...or maybe how good of an actress LH is. She just brings subtle nuances to Arianna.

Still love me some shirtless Dr. Dan! Could be the best body on the show...if it weren't so orange.
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