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man... poor baker. stefano called him every name in the book, a clueless nicole couldn't care less when she finally figured out he was dead, and sami and rafe were more concerned with lifting the guy's wallet and phone than seeing if he was alive and needed medical attention. LOL

lindsay hartley was great. she and brady have ok chemistry. i actually think he sizzled more with nicole, but i'm willing to give ari and brady a chance. within two days of taking over the role LH has improved the character by leaps and bounds.

i can't believe lucas bought kate's lame 'i'm just happy you're out of limbo' excuse. that coupled with daniel's warning should be more than enough to make lucas suspicious. daniel's scenes with chloe were well-played. i have to say, i was a little thrown off by melanie's jubilant reaction to nathan agreeing to help daniel. i know melanie is doing this to help brady, but her shrieking joy was a bit over the top, considering that she doesn't know chloe or daniel at all.
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