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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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I think there was more to it than that. I heard that the babyswitch s/l would have been solved in September if AS had not signed her contract, but when she did.they decided to give it a longer time and tie it in with AZ's maternity leave. I am not sure that was a good move, tho, b/c people are tired of it now.

As far as JS goes, he said he liked working with AZ b/c he thought they looked good together and he could,as a character, be himself with her. He never could with Sami's character. I don't think it's that AZ's wit and sass is gone b/c she is paired up with EJ-- b/c in the beginning, it was there. I think it's b/c of the s/l and the writing she has been given. If she is too feisty it will give away the fact that she is hiding something. The bottom line is IMO, that this should have been solved by now instead of dragging it out to end when AZ goes on maternity leave.
Just curious...but where was JS quoted saying he preferred to work with one actress over the other, or how he felt about how they look together? Do you have a source or a link you can share for that interview?
My interpretation of the post is that JS likes to work with AZ. He never has talked bad about AS. The poster didnt even mention her in the paragraph referring to working with AZ. Its not a "one over the other" as you are trying to make it out to be. Both actors are professional.

As for his comments about working with AZ, this is from SOD "Love Actually" article:
"Arianne is very easy to work with, she's always prepared, she's always willing to listen to my ideas."

He did say this about AZ in said article: "I think physically, height-wise, it matches, especially on a soap opera." So, "look-wise," since AZ is taller then AS, then its easier to block scenes with him because he's so tall.

The reason he mentioned SAMI, IMO, is because the current Sami will not be with EJ as is. Either Sami will have to go back to being the schemer/bad girl she started and/or EJ would have to stop being a DiMera. Sami only accepts EJ if he's not in the family business.
Actually my question stemmed from the combination of the post I quoted and the previous poster who said:

EJ has become boring because he's been paired up with Nicole. JS has admitted in the past that as a person, he feels more comfortable working with AZ. He has to actually put effort in with AS and ACT, so that's why he was more dynamic when he was acting opposite Sami's character. He's just so comfortable with AZ that he doesn't really ACT around her. Even Nicole's character isn't as interesting as she used to be. I liked her sassy wit and fire. That's gone too since she's been paired up with JS. Bring back the old Nicole. Bring back the old EJ - I want his wit and fire back too and his attractive steadfast love (you say obsession, I say committment) for the one woman (Sami). Love is so fickle these days that I found his tunnel vision very uplifting.

Since both posters were commenting it sounded to me as though there might have been an interview with JS that I had missed. I honestly wasn't trying to make it out to be any more than that, which is why I prefaced my question with 'just curious'. No harm, no foul.

I was at a fan event a month or so ago and during the Q&A session one of the audience members asked JS point blank whom he preferred working with - Ali or Ari. He very smartly hedged his bets, talking about how he enjoys working with both of them so I was simply surprised that there might have been an interview where he was quoted as stating a preference.
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