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Realize this Melanie is almost or definitely old enough to be Rafe's daughter. And who's got the best body, it's definitely Rafe. I would have to say Rafe, Brady, then it's a tie between Daniel & Lucas. Use to I would have said EJ third or maybe second, but the man is looking awfully skinny lately. Daniel- I wish would get out of the charges already and back into the hospital because he's been looking pretty grungy. But I liked when he cried on Monday, very realistic.

And what happened between Kate & Lucas, yada yada yada-- boring. It's a good thing I was drinking some caffeine.

I think what you'll see between Rafe & Melanie in the future, is her helping him with some surviellance tapes, spoiler possibly, of the night Grace died. You remember she was visited by two women and one was supposed to be her Grace's mother, and neither one was Sami.
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