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Aug 31 2009, 08:48 PM
Aug 31 2009, 08:30 PM
i have to say, i was a little thrown off by melanie's jubilant reaction to nathan agreeing to help daniel. i know melanie is doing this to help brady, but her shrieking joy was a bit over the top, considering that she doesn't know chloe or daniel at all.
I was a little confused about that too. How da hell does Melanie know Daniel...was she just helping Brady by suggesting Nathan help Daniel? Huh?

I think they have a game to see what writer can get Melanie in every scene and involved with every character on the show...next thing you know, she'll be talking to Lucas about how to pull the plug and helping Will get back Mia as a part of her match making skills. She has literally had scenes wtih 99% of the cast.

I bet if they paired Rafe and Melanie, the writers would pass out in escasty. :puke:
I would love if Melanie had some scenes with Mia. I hoped we will see them bond when they are living together at Maggieīs and donīt have any real girl friends, but it seems itīs not in the card yet. I think Mel would work perfectly as the older experienced sister for Mia and it would help a lot if Mia had someone she can confide to. Thatīs the reason why they made Nicol and Chloe best friends and it worked for them too.

Melanie knows and met Daniel her first day at the hospital. She even jokingly asked Maggie if he is single and how fat his paycheck is. She tried to charm him, but he had that "Iīm the world renowned surgeon and you are some poor candy stripper, so please donīt bother me with your existance" attitude. It was a fun scene.

I think there was a lot of ways Daniel could get into the room himself, or Brady could just open the sidedoor and let him enter (Daniel already had the drug prepared when he tried to convince Lexie), but I think itīs good when the show uses one story to move another. They needed Melanie and Nathan to bond over something and this was a good opportunity. I donīt see where is the problem.
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