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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Sep 1 2009, 12:43 AM

I like the acting skill of James Scott, I think he plays a great villian, maybe that's why I don't like his character, though either way he's been really lame lately. But to all you Sami & EJ lovers, for them to be together you only have two options-- EJ becomes a good guy like Rafe and they change his persona, not to mention getting rid of Stefano or Sami becomes evil, which I don't think their gonna do, and loosing one to two of her children. IMO, Not many options there, FYI. I happen to love AS, EM, AZ, the girl that plays Melanie, & GG, though maybe his script sometimes was a tad boring when he was living with Sami. I usually love to hate JS, but he's been coming off pretty dumb lately.

Actually there is another option for EJami - the one I would much prefer. I'd like to see Sami and EJ united, but still hold on to their edginess. I want EJ to be wise to his father and turn his back on him, but have the intelligence and savvyness to stay ahead of him in order to protect their family. I want Sami to embrace her love for EJ and be able to stand up to the scorn that will undoubtedly follow from her family. They don't need to be 'evil' - but neither one of them need to be doormats, either. EJ can be sweet and loving with Sami and their children but ruthless in his determination to protect them from Stefano and anyone else who dares to threaten their happiness. I long to see Sami's spark back - the woman who would fight for what she wanted and didn't give a damn what anyone else thinks about it. They can certainly be those things together...the shame is, neither of them are those things apart.

As for yesterday's show...I have to say I'm really enjoying Melanie and Nathan together. I hope they don't screw them up - I see a lot of potential for their pairing. Both actors are completely engaging and I find myself just enjoying whatever time they have on screen - put them together and the enjoyment increases. :)
Kate is absolutely killing me these days. She is so utterly obvious and it's just ridiculous that she continues to slink around with no one but Daniel paying a bit of attention.
Daniel and Chloe were sweet. Well...Daniel was sweet...Chloe was just sort of there. But SC did a great job with the scene...I totally buy the fact that he is head over heels in love and desperate to save her.
I'm sick to death of Super Rafe. Has the guy ever won a fight? Ever??
RIP Dr. Baker...I think. :(
Loved Nicole and Stefano - but the redundant dialogue is just getting...redundant. :shame:
And I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by Lindsay Hartley thus far. I was not a Passions viewer so I have no 'history' to draw on...and I wasn't too happy with the way they tossed FT aside so coldly to hire yet another Passions alum...but I can definitely see the difference in the two actresses and there is no question that LH is much more enjoyable and far more likable. FT always came across as a cold fish...with Brady, with Rafe, with Melanie...it never varied. Already LH has added a lightness to the character that was sorely needed. Still not sure I'm sold on the Brady/Arianna pairing as I think Brady and Nicole could sizzle together...but I'll sit back and see where it goes.
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