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Aug 31 2009, 06:37 PM
Aug 31 2009, 06:06 PM
Which part? Brady and Arianna? Well, I dunno. Wouldn't the same scenes have been done with FT there?
The whole episode. Start to finish. LH and EM as Brady and Arianna proves that lightning does not strike twice. Sami following Rafe looked more like an episode of I love Lucy or Luverne and Shirley or perhaps Weekend at Bernies. How many times does EJ have to act stupid? And my favorite Lucas meets Kate in a BAR to discuss unplugging Chloe. Geez this show was so badly written, directed and acted!
I want to know how Sami knew where to find Dr. Baker. We know Rafe found out from tracking the phone call, but Sami? She doesn't work, so how did she afford the trip? At least Rafe asked his sister for help. The writers leave so many holes in stories, that they end up not even making sense half the time.

I also wanted to yell out-- wipe your prints off the door knobs!!!
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