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Sep 1 2009, 11:30 AM
Aug 31 2009, 08:48 PM
Aug 31 2009, 08:30 PM
i have to say, i was a little thrown off by melanie's jubilant reaction to nathan agreeing to help daniel. i know melanie is doing this to help brady, but her shrieking joy was a bit over the top, considering that she doesn't know chloe or daniel at all.
I was a little confused about that too. How da hell does Melanie know Daniel...was she just helping Brady by suggesting Nathan help Daniel? Huh?

I'd be jubilent too knowing I'd just scored some points with Brady.

Just had to add my two cents to the Who Has the Hottest Bod Debate. When James Scott was at his prime in 06 and 07, he wins hands down, no contest. the scene where Ejami went on a real date and Lucas/Will set off the stink bomb causing the sprinklers to go off, so EJ walks over to Sami's apt with no shirt on all soaked and threw Lucas into a chicken wing wins him THE Best Body Award.Posted Image

I saw 10 mins of an old Cold Case episdoe with Shawn C., muuuuuch better look for him. No orange skin and no yellow hair. He's not a pale guy so IDK why they insist on making him something that doesn't occur in nature unless you eat a Costco size bag of carrots and dark hair is much more suitable for him. He also wasn't so breathless when he delivered his lines.
You are so right!!! I think my screen just melted!!! :$ :wub2:
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