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Why say that EJ and Sami can't work because too many people are still hung up about the rape? Sami raped Austin - have people forgotten about that? Ok, so EJ raped Sami. That balances their characters out. They're made for each other.

As for the only way they can be together is if EJ turns his back on his father. They've kind of started setting up that scene already by having Stefano involved with the whole cover-up. Once EJ finds out Dad was involved, there's the grounds for him to turn his back on Stefano. Done.

And they can drag it ALLLLLLLLLLLL out for another eternity by not letting Sami believe that EJ didn't know and having Nicole run off to Europe with Sydney and having EJ and Sami travel the world together trying to find their child, bonding in spite of Sami's feelings, yadda, yadda.... the writing's on the wall. DOOLs has been predictable for too long.
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