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You know what would have been a good idea instead of what they're actually moving towards?

If after overhearing Gloria and Jeffrey all giddy over the money they could get from Victor or Jack or whatever.. when Patty's alone with Gloria, she pretends not to know what Gloria was doing and asks her to try on the veil for her. And when Gloria's back is towards Patty, and Patty's about to put the veil on... she wraps it around Gloria's neck and chokes her to death, then leaves the cabin and steals Jeffrey's van and drives off. Jeffrey comes back, finds Gloria dead with the thing wrapped around her neck. Jeffrey then swears vengeance on Patty and, ultimately, Victor for Gloria's death.

That's the perfect thing to do. Right there. It makes it that much harder for Paul and Jack to get her help, considering she murdered some woman in cold blood. And it sets up Victor for a downfall when Jeffrey goes public with the picture and what he knows about Patty.

Jeffrey, of course, would have to be arrested for breaking and entering into the Abbott cabin and he coughs all this stuff up as part of a deal with Jack. Jack gets the picture, Paul gets some info that confirms his suspicions, it gets rid of Gloria and puts Jeffrey in good graces with Jack. I don't know what trouble Victor could get in, but the information would provide valuable to Jack and Paul. Jack could have the charges dropped and then they all team up to go after Victor.

Or something.

I think that's much better than

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