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This week's SOD features an interview with Kristian Alfonso, and this week's SOW features an interview with Peter Reckell.

Hope invites Dean over the house so that Ciara can see the man who rescued her. When Dean kidnapped Ciara, he had a cigarette lighter he kept flicking. Ciara comes down the stairs in the house to see Dean, and she hears the clicking of the cigarette lighter. She gets scared and leaps into Hope's arms and says, "It's him!"

Hope looks at Dean and tries to figure out what to do. Dean asks her what she's looking at, and Hope tells him that she wants to give him his reward money ASAP, so they should go to the bank. "Hope is trying to get him out of the house," Alfonso explains to SOD.

Bo calls and Hope goes to answer the phone, but Dean tells her to stop and that he's calling the shots now. Then, he pulls out a gun. Justin then comes to the house to tell Hope that the money has been wired to Dean's account. Hope tries to shut the door on him quickly, but Justin asks what the rush is. Alfonso says, "And I added this because anyone who knows Hope knows she doesn't cook. I said, 'Well, I have something cooking on the stove and I'm trying to get out of here.' So, he knows something is up and then ten minutes later, he comes barreling through the door."

Justin and Dean begin to fight, and Hope is knocked unconscious by Dean. Hope wakes up to the sound of a gunshot: Justin has been shot.

Dean grabs Ciara, then Hope realizes that Justin is alive and trying to use his cell phone. He calls Bo, and as Alfonso says, "Bo hears Hope's voice begging, 'Don't kill us, Dean' and hints of where we are." Alfonso concludes, "Bo comes in to save the day."

As the police are taking Dean away, Dean yells that Bo and Hope's lives are ruined because Bo wouldn't pay the ransom. Reckell explains to SOW that "from [Bo's] experience as a cop... usually kidnappers get the money and kill the kid. Bo feels that's what would have happened if he'd done things Dean's way."

As for Bo and Hope, Reckell says, "The gulf between them has widened." Reckell continues that Ciara has witnessed a lot of violence, and Hope blames Bo for the fact that the violence happened in their home. Bo tells Hope that Dean is responsible, not him. Reckell says that Bo thinks that he and Hope will talk and work things out, but "Hope has a very different view."...

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Nick Stabile's last airdate is September 11th.

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