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Ok all I can say is that is a crock of shit. If Phillip had been honest and told Stephanie that he slept with Melanie while they were broken up, she never would have gotten back with him. I understand her using the "I gave you a chance to tell me and you lied" rationale as an excuse to break it off again, but seriously, she is full of shit saying that she might not have broken off the engagement again if he had told the truth. I just really hate her. Even when she kind of makes sense, she still makes it so bitchy and snotty and entitled that I can't support her. Argh. And poor Melanie, she does not deserve to be screamed and called a slut every other minute by Princess Stephanie. As if Steph is so pure. Puh-lease.
Can't she leave Salem now? Please. Ack!
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