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Sep 2 2009, 01:49 PM
Do you think the writers finally got the message that no one cares about this couple, and they are finally ending them for good? Philip/Stephanie were a total flop. I hope the writers are finally correcting their mistake of ever putting them together in the first place
I care about them and I know of other people that do as well. Whether they are ending them for good or not remains to be seen. I do think that if they had intended to end them for good, they would have never put them back together (however briefly) this time.

As for the actual article, like Paxton, I'm glad that Stephanie's rationale is that Philip lied to her. Whether she would have reconciled with him or not had he told her the truth, the fact is that she asked and he lied. It doesn't matter that they were broken up at the time. If he felt it wasn't any of her business because of that, he should have told her that, not lied to her.

As for Stephanie calling Melanie a slut? Maybe she doesn't deserve it, but what would any person think of the woman who was caught in a sex tape with her fiancee?
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