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Sep 2 2009, 02:52 PM
Sep 2 2009, 02:44 PM
I firmly believe Daniel and Chloe are his brainchild as their coupling started shortly after he came on and there wasn't a hint of it before his arrival. Chloe was gravitating back toward Philip but Tomlin came on and all of a sudden Philip was tossed toward Steph and Melanie and Chloe was tossed toward Daniel.
What's curious about this is that when the news came out that Philip and Morgan were breaking up and Philip was acknowledging still loving Chloe, JKJ was quoted as saying Gary Tomlin told him he loved his chemistry with Nadia and he wanted to explore the Phloe history. But after the Phorgan breakup scene, there was one scene with Philip and Nicole where they talked about his feelings for Chloe and then, as we all know, nothing happened. It was like that never happened. I've always wondered what happened, and why Tomlin told Jay that if he had plans for Danloe and Philip/Stephanie.
I remember that. Clearly, it was either BS or he had a change of heart. Maybe it had something to do with Shelley and Jay's rumored real life relationship. Maybe Gary saw them together and liked what he saw. Who knows. Something changed, I guess.

Personally, I see why they paired Philip/Stephanie and Chloe/Daniel. I just wish they hadn't rushed with Chloe and Daniel. It came off like it was all sex in the beginning and then the show seemed to commit to them being a "destined" couple. It was clear they weren't thinking long-term with them in the beginning and somewhere along the way that changed.
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