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Sep 2 2009, 02:45 PM
I love this quadrangle. I totally understand motivations of everybody involved, I can feel the emotion and there is no bad or villain side involved, just a lot of conflicted feelings. Im really happy Higley or whoever is writing the show decided not to go the usual Melanie is the obsessed interlopper route, but put everybody on even ground. I quess people are still used for the supercouple vs. interlopper kind of conflict, but IMO this is much fresher and more fun, especially if everybody involved has so great chemistry with the rest. Im constantly torn what couples I want to be the endgame.

And another thing, I think its great sex is finally just sex on this show. Remember JERs crazy half year long storylines just so some supercouple member finally beds an interlopper? Boring and predictable. This is much better.
I agree. I really like this quad too because it reflects what Days is trying to do. They've taken classic style soap stories (baby switches, long quads, etc) and put modern spins on them. Soaps need to keep up with the times and I like the way they've approached this. All four are making mistakes and paying for them and what I like is that it's not stupid misunderstandings causing the splits. It's something that would cause a breakup. First, it was Philip's dark side and business dealings. Now, it's the sex tape. I just hope this breakup lasts for a long while because the pacing for the Philip/Stephanie stuff has been messed up. They need a long-term break from each other.

I think the show was smart to move Melanie away from Philip and Stephanie for a bit and have her go through a little development and redemption first. Now, you can feel for all 4 characters and alot of people have come around to Melanie. That was a good move.

I also agree with Drew in that I'm glad the breakup is not because she's jealous. I look forward to seeing how things unfold from me now that the show seems to have setup the story they wanted all along with Melanie/Philip/Stephanie with Nathan in the mix too.
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