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Sep 2 2009, 04:09 PM
Sep 2 2009, 03:42 PM
I think the show was smart to move Melanie away from Philip and Stephanie for a bit and have her go through a little development and redemption first. Now, you can feel for all 4 characters and alot of people have come around to Melanie.
I disagree with you that now people are feeling for all four characters, at least on the message boards--overwhelmingly I've seen people bash Stephanie no matter what she does and defend Melanie on the grounds that she's "trying to change her life and be a better person." Personally, I don't really see that, but whatever. I'm guessing the show's research, which is a better gauge of general, overall audience reaction than the boards and certainly less susceptible to agenda-based manipulation, must show something more in line with what you're seeing (i.e., that Stephanie is rootable also), or they'd just give up on Stephanie/Philip altogether.
I see what your saying, Paxton, because I've seen it too. However, Stephanie is a legacy character so even if people seem to despise her on the boards, I know there are people out there that care about her. She is the daughter of a beloved supercouple and a member of one of the show's core families so those affiliations alone help put her over to some fans. Melanie doesn't have that same advantage. That is why I think it was wise for the show to take a step back and focus on Melanie on her own, trying to rebuild her life and reputation. They had her become interested in being a nurse, gave us more scenes with her and Maggie, and focused on her as comic relief and helping people, including Philip and Stephanie, in an effort to make up for her misdeeds. It really put the character over. Last winter and spring, there was alot more Melanie hate then there is now. The show did a good job with that IMO and it was needed big time before they could explore this quad full force because the other 3 characters in it are all from core families so there needed to be more effort put into Melanie. Not saying the majority cares about all 4 or even most of these characters but I do appreciate the writers at least putting alot of effort into the Melanie side of the equation. Now, I hope they do the same with Stephanie and focus on developing her a bit more. I really liked what they were doing with her this summer until they threw her and Philip back together briefly again.
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