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Halloween Family
Sep 2 2009, 04:49 PM
The problem is the writers have failed to weave all these experiences together to develop her character and SH has failed a few times at connecting with the audience in her performances. I would think a lot of actors would jump at the chance to have the kind of material SH has had to work with.
Yes!! Exactly my point.

Let's see, they set up conflict for Steve and Stephanie and then abandoned it, making Stephanie look like an immature brat without allowing for the growth to come from that. Then they set up the potential abusive storyline with Jeremy, only to drop it, again eliminating any character growth for Stephanie. The rape storyline did actually have some follow through, but then it was never mentioned again. The kidnapping aftermath and the pill popping were dropped as soon as Stephanie broke off her engagement with Philip. Again, no follow through. The writers use absolutely none of these things to explain why Stephanie may feel a certain why or act a certain way. It's like none of it ever existed.

Meanwhile, Melanie can't go 5 minutes without somebody mentioning how her father treated her, how horrible her childhood was, and how hard she's trying to be a better person. It's the go to excuse for everything she does. Nobody holds anything against her because well, she's just Melanie and she's trying to be a better person.

IMO, if they had put half the effort into developing the character of Stephanie as they have into Melanie, a lot of the issues people have with the character of Stephanie would not exist. But they haven't, and they won't. It's much easier (and lazier) to simply keep her as Melanie's foil.
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