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Halloween Family
Sep 2 2009, 05:30 PM
I agree about Mel and her childhood. The two characters that really have had any sort of major development are Melanie and Nicole. Nicole is still ranked at the top because you have all that plus all the insights into her plight. I dont know if I agree about the part about keeping Stephanie as Melanie's foil, though. As Phoenix pointed out, Melanie was a fervently hated character when she came on, it's been a recent development that people have started to root for her. They needed to throw her a few bones to make people like her in order to make the quad and any other s/l she was going to be in balanced. I'm definitly more a Melanie fan than Stephanie but I dont hate the character of Stephanie. I just fail to see any sort of heat from the Stephanie/Phillip pairing and if they had chemistry then no matter the writing they could prevail. If they were a hot couple, then they could just ride out crappy writing on the steam from the many love scenes theyve had. I did see some fire between stephanie and Owen and they could have done a good Stockholm Syndrome, substance abuse s/l out of it but for whatever reason it seems someone thinks SH and JKJ look pretty together.
But the problem is that the quad isn't balanced. I agree that they probably had to do something to make Melanie more likeable. And they did that by getting her out of the AFP thing (where she was totally overmatched) and having her back off her Stephanie hate and Philip lust, and then help Brady and help Philip find Stephanie, etc., etc. Suddenly, everybody thougth she was changed and, heck, I even liked her, mildly.

But then they took a step (or several) too far. Melanie became the center of everything. They made sure that Melanie looked sympathetic at all times and Stephanie looked like the big bitch no matter what. They made Philip look like an idiot and an asshole. And even had the newbie Nathan take heat for hurting poor, little Melanie. So, I don't see a balanced quad. I see one heavily tipped towards Melanie.

And, for me, this isn't even about Philip and Stephanie. I like them together, but I like them individually just as much. If they split them up permanently, that's fine. But, the real problem is that I hate seeing characters I like sacrificed at the alter of another character. I hated when they sacrificed Steve and Kayla (individually as much as a couple) for Ava and I hate seeing the same thing happen to Philip and Stephanie (individually) for Melanie.
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