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Loved the look on Victor's face when he invited Arianna over for dinner. Will we be getting another famously uncomfortable Kiriakis dinner party? I'm really looking forward to Victor versus Arianna now that LH is in the role. Should be good! I still don't really understand how Victor could run a drug ring and yet care so much that Brady is an addict, but I think that's more because of my moral code than the storyline. I guess it's like the Mafia and how they are so protective of their families and yet will gun down anyone else that crosses them. Anyway, it should be a good story, and I'm looking forward to it.

Kate is doing a great job poisoning Lucas's mind, but it's getting to be pretty obvious that she has no interest in Chloe recovering. It's good to see Lucas developing a backbone and refusing to play the fool any more, but he picked a bad time to do it. He really doesn't want to get tangled in Kate's web!

Loved the look on Melanie's face and her line delivery when Stephanie showed off her ring...again. This on/off stuff with Stephanie and Philip is doing nothing to endear me to a couple I'm already not crazy about. I will have to say that Stephanie is looking gorgeous lately. That mature, businesswoman look they gave her when she was at Titan was terrible; the casual look is much better, and her hairstyle is lovely.
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