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Maybe I attribute the unbalance of the quad to SH/Stephanie being a wet blanket at times rather then building up Mel at Steph's expense because that was her problem before Melanie arrived.

I dont think Melanie has been sympathetic the whole time. The Phil/Mel sex thing made her look cheap, stupid and desperate. She looked that way even when you compare the way the two female characters were dressed.

When Stephanie thought Melanie and Phillip hooked up the first time where she called Melanie a whore slut and Melanie said "you know my history, what I went throught w/ my father", I felt bad for BOTH Melanie AND Stephanie. SH played that scene great and that's why I think SH/Stpehanie needs to be paired with a strong overbearing character like your Jeremies, Owens and Melanies.

During the locked in the morgue drawer, there were a couple of scenes that I thought were great like the one where Phillip and Stephanie were holding each other as if the world was racing by too fast. That was a great moment but that was it, no more really to speak of. With that s/l at least now I believe Phillip actually might think he loves her and she's worth fighting for.

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