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Halloween Family
Sep 2 2009, 06:11 PM
I dont think Melanie has been sympathetic the whole time. The Phil/Mel sex thing made her look cheap, stupid and desperate. She looked that way even when you compare the way the two female characters were dressed.

When Stephanie thought Melanie and Phillip hooked up the first time where she called Melanie a whore slut and Melanie said "you know my history, what I went throught w/ my father", I felt bad for BOTH Melanie AND Stephanie. SH played that scene great and that's why I think SH/Stpehanie needs to be paired with a strong overbearing character like your Jeremies, Owens and Melanies.

Well, you'd be in the minority at least in how things are expressed on various message boards. And I totally realize (and rely upon) the fact that message boards aren't a true reflection of all fans. Nonetheless, the overwhelming response in most places has been that Melanie is totally sympathetic and has done nothing that can't be explained, overlooked, or ignored. Meanwhile, Stephanie has done nothing that is understandable, forgiveable, or explainable. And, whether I'm the only one who likes her or not, when you like a character, it's beyond frustrating to see that kind of unbalanced writing and response.

I'm not going to debate or contest SH as an actress. I think that, like chemistry, is often in the eye of the beholder. I think SH is better than a lot of people give her credit for, but I also know that's very much my opinion and I don't expect others to share it.
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