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Halloween Family
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Sep 2 2009, 06:47 PM
Well, you'd be in the minority at least in how things are expressed on various message boards. And I totally realize (and rely upon) the fact that message boards aren't a true reflection of all fans. Nonetheless, the overwhelming response in most places has been that Melanie is totally sympathetic and has done nothing that can't be explained, overlooked, or ignored. Meanwhile, Stephanie has done nothing that is understandable, forgiveable, or explainable. And, whether I'm the only one who likes her or not, when you like a character, it's beyond frustrating to see that kind of unbalanced writing and response.

I'm not going to debate or contest SH as an actress. I think that, like chemistry, is often in the eye of the beholder. I think SH is better than a lot of people give her credit for, but I also know that's very much my opinion and I don't expect others to share it.
It seems like sometimes people want to pick a side or have things black and white, have it clealy outlined who's the bad guy/who's the good guy. One of the reasons why I like this quad is that I can see everyone's POV. Nathan is a new character so it's just a given he needs time and he's JUST not that into Melanie as he is Stephanie. Philip thought at the time Steph was done with him so I think he believed everything he was saying to Melanie. Stephanie has fallen victim to that woman's fantasy of 'oh I can change a man for the better'. Melanie has this huge crush on Phillip and while she was weary he said everything she wanted to hear. None of these things make the characters horrible just human.

IMO, SH and MB are about equal in the acting department but you are right you tend to gravitate to whoever engages you more. SH is more consistant, has had a few great moments but never downright horrible. MB is more all over the place, she's had a few moment where she has really stunk to high heaven. As for the chemistry thing, for me it's more about who engages Phillip more. For some reason, Philip looks more alive around melanie. although, that one sex scene looks like he's asleep. It is a personal preference, I tend to like couple who shouldn't be together.

We'll see how the story plays out and see what kind of light all the characters are portrayed in because I can see your point. Usually the pendulum makes exagerated swings to one side to another but eventually it finds balance. It seems like this quad is a big part of the show and I hope they put some effort into it to make it interesting.
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