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I've tried watching the last few episodes and the show is just... ugh.

Melanie and Nathan are boring. Stephanie and Philip are boring. Kate and Daniel are boring. Sami and Rafe are boring. The Nicole plot has dragged on forever. I don't care about Lucas and Chloe. It's all so "meh." Nothing interests me.

Why is Lucas so upset that Chloe wants Daniel? Actually, why does Lucas care about that boring bitch to begin with? They were a mismatched pair from day one. I don't buy that he has feelings for her. The same goes for Kate and Daniel. What the fuck is that?

I hate the pacing of the show. Every episode teases and foreshadows the next... but then you tune in the next day and it's just another fluff tease with no real progression. Very rarely do things actually happen. The "big" story beat never comes, and if it does, it simply fails to deliver. The daily episodes are so slow. What I watched today felt like a rerun of yesterday... and what I watched yesterday felt like a rerun of the day before that. Compare that to ATWT, which felt vibrant and alive when I watched it this afternoon. Things actually happened. Characters shifted around and stories progressed. Then I watched Days and I wanted to fall asleep.

The pacing wouldn't be so bad if the stories were at least entertaining, but they're not. Mind you, I've only watched the last four episodes... but the show appears to be spinning its wheels and going nowhere at the same time. The usual for Days. It looks like things are happening, but at the end of the day, the foundation of the plot remains untouched while everything else is either inconsequential or flat out boring. Filler and trickery. It's like the writers are afraid to actually wrap up a story and brainstorm a new idea, so they play the "two steps forward and three steps back" game instead.

Then we've got the shitty production values. I just can't get over how ugly the show is. It's very jarring. So cheap looking. Whoever does the lighting should be shot. Why are all the characters soooooo PINK!? I watch the show and all I can think is "vagina." This is a soap opera, for God's sake. Light it as such! What ever happened to "setting the mood?" I mean, I don't mind the Brady Pub being lit like a vagina, but the DiMera mansion? Dim that bitch!

Carly and Vivian can't get here fast enough. Hopefully they'll take some airtime away from these dumbass tweens.
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