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Sep 3 2009, 07:32 AM
i have to agree with the above posts. how hard is it to write a stroy where hope has a legitimate reason to be upset with bo? they did a great job of that with the zach storyline. it looks like they want to recreate that kind of split here, but this makes hope look really bad. instead of being happy that her daughter is safe and out of harm's way, she wants to toss blame around, which doesnt do anyone any good. like others have pointed out, she was the one that insisted dean have the reward money and invited him over to her home. so she was just as clueless as bo when it came right down to it. i am also a bo and hope fan, but the writers can only erode hope's character so much before people are totally turned off. the last few years, she has really been an illogical bitch. her taking the word of an ex-cop turned vengeful kidnapper really takes the cake, tho.
it seems like Hope always takes the word of other men over her Bo every time. she would never believe that Patrick was a criminal she would trust him over Bo every chance she got and now shes trusting this dimwit bad cop over her husband. Hope has become very disloyal to her husband and thats the Hope I don't recognize anymore. she hunkers down with men holding and comforting her even if she never sleeps with them. shes ridiculous. I'm an old Bo Hope fan from the 80's watched and loved them and taped them everytime they were on but in the last few years I can't stand Hope. shes manipulative in the sense that she blackmails Bo's love she tells him if this or that happens then I will never forgive you. well who could live with can kind of threat day in and day out and who would want to? I am hoping Carly comes back and Bo can have a grown up relationship and Hope can just go do whatever with who ever and find comfort from them. I see where some fans call this angst I call it emotional blackmail and it's isn't cute or funny or anything even remotly interesting to watch.
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