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victor really couldn't have made it more obvious that something is going on with kate. i have to wonder where they are taking this story in regards to lucas. he's been privy to most of the imcriminating things kate has said in the past few days, and given that he has already heard daniel's side of the story, i wonder how much he suspects kate. is he really just a clueless idiot that doesn't want to believe kate capable of this? or does he know deep down she did it and feels chloe deserved it?

this bo/hope bullshit is so contrived. if the truth is that dean can't legally accept the award money(and i can't imagine bo is making that up) then why is hope so pissed about it? why did she get into law enforcement if she has no interest in enforcing laws? don't even get me started on her whiny line about how she is sure bo would tattle on her.

i actually thought today's product placement was more successful than the last one, that awful tyson's chicken fingers scene with max and chelsea. nathan and melanie pulled off the cheerios spot with much less awkwardness, but to be fair, all product placements are somewhat awkward. it is what it is.

i wonder why the hotel clerk leaked the phil/melanie video onto the internet. i was under the impression that his aim was to blackmail them, not humiliate them.

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