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They need to turn Lucas bad, really bad. It was fun watching him tell Chloe how much he hated her--it was the most interesting he's been in years. And really, unless he's not got a single brain cell in his head, he has to know Kate is behind this whole thing with Chloe. I know Lucas is usually a clueless idiot, but Kate is being so obvious the way she's buzzing around him, whispering in his ear, doing everything she can to get him to pull the plug, short of actually saying "Kill the lying, cheating bitch!".

I loved when Bo walked out on Hope. She deserved it and more. She KNOWS that a police officer cannot accept a reward for doing his JOB. It's not her money anyway, it's Victor's money. And no matter what Bo had done in the Ciara situation, it would have been wrong in her eyes because Hope never trusts him to do the right thing. Yes, Bo can be a hotheaded control freak but so can she. Even now, with Ciara home safe and sound, Hope won't even entertain the idea that Bo handled the situation correctly. Neither of them should have been on the case anyway, but then we wouldn't have this stupid excuse to break up Bo and Hope again.

Nathan and Melanie are cute together. They handled the Cheerios commercial much better than others in the past so I was okay with it. Maggie and Melanie have a great chemistry in their scenes together; probably the best mother/daughter relationship on the show--and yet they aren't even related!
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