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Thanks Angie.

I hate Rafe and I hated the Luis character as well. Boring is just about the worst thing an actor can be. Moreover GG has made me cringe watching AS trying to make up for the vacuum in the ridiculous Safe scenes. It is painful watching him act like a automaton and watching her bounce off the walls trying to fill the scene with some emotion. Personally I wish Hilda had come out of WP to be Sami's friend and the bodyguard never had.

Finally, Tomlin is screwing up the babyswitch storyline, which is nothing new, but this final segment is maddening. It has been drug out for far too long. That is not unusual with this type of story but the lazy writers did not make the interim before the reveal even a bit interesting. The audience has been teased with no payoff since April. It has been like Groundhog Day for four months!!!!!!!! And now, to prop the Passions Pet, Doofus is the one to be in the center of the reveal. This storyline is about EJ, Sami and Nicole-not boring Rafe. I cannot wait for Rafe to go missing. Hopefully he will never return.
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