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Sep 4 2009, 12:55 AM
Sep 2 2009, 05:34 AM
Sep 1 2009, 06:21 PM
I know about this last statement tons of Rafe haters will make their nasty comments, but remember YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIKE SAFE TO LIKE RAFE.
So you think people dislike Rafe because they don't like the couple? That they are Ejami or Lumi fans?

Well that's not true, I hate Rafe because he is played by a shitty actor.
I never said that, but I know one thing, you have a fulgar mouth. And this is not a personal thing, it's just a comment I always make. A lot of people down Rafe, because they don't like Sami & Rafe together. So you don't, who cares? How much acting have you ever done to be a judge? I have acted, have you? But either way, opinions are everybody's personal right, even mine! I like Rafe figuring it out, but EJ might discover it on his own, don't think he'll tell Sami though.
Well I have acted, judged and directed and I think that Galen is a so so actor and one of the weakest actors on Days and Daytime! Nice guy but he isn't the best. But he isn't the worst either.
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