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Will Kate get caught? No. Will Nicole get the full comeuppance for all of her lies and misdeeds? No. Will Brady get called out for his part in this? No. Has Philip been skipping around a little too easily for someone with a wooden leg? Yes. Should someone put Stephanie back in the morgue? Yes. Should anybody change their way of life for little Miss Know-it-all? No. Should she be bashed over the head like Willow? Yes. Is Lucas acting like a mentally-challenged moron? Yes. Should he become the town drunk? Yes. Anybody feeling Hope and Bo's estrangement as a tad contrived? I am. Not the best thing for Ciara for Hope to break up the family right now.
Can I believe how long they are going to drag out and dillute the baby-switching story until it is poor, poor, Nicole?
the only thing worth waiting for= Lucas becoming the town drunk. Rafe has all the appeal of a wet fish. Ditto with the sister although this actress is better. :sleep: :sleep: :puke:
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