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Sep 3 2009, 03:27 PM
Sep 3 2009, 10:36 AM
I really appreciate you posting these spoilers every week! Thanks so much. It sounds like things are heating up for Carly's return. I have a feeling that, no matter what happens between Bo & Hope, that they will always be the endgame for Days, though.
I totally agree with you! :rockon: I know alot of people don't like Hope very much right now, and I'm not happy with the way the writers have written for her for quite awhile! :soapbox: However, I am still a Bo & Hope fan from way back and when they shut the lights out at Days, it will be with BO & HOPE (Peter & Kristian) TOGETHER! Of course that's if they survive the next budget cuts! :shame: Heck, unless they can still get Francis to show up on set, it will be Peter & Kristian that turn off the lights! :smooch: However, Corday has always said that no matter who these two are paired with throughout Days history, at the end of the day Bo & Hope are the endgame! I just wish the audience didn't have to go through this crappy storyline yet again! :shithitfan:
I agree they will be end game at the end but mean time the characters are runied so whats the good of that?big deal Bo and Hope are together but shes a frigid [email protected] and he's an exwife chaser. I would rather see them work togeher at this point Bo and Hope have not been the same since the Zack/Patrick/Billie/Chelsea train wreck can they really afford to continue to ruin these two for the sake of storyline and I use that title lightly. and on the heals of it all we are supposed to buy into Carly coming to Salem to help save there marriage. well then I guess shes going to be the Brady's hero and it's a good thing that Bo hooked up with her after Hope's supposed death because shes coming to town to save the day. I don't buy into this crapola and I would rather see Bo and Hope split for good then be in waiting for another excuse to split them up and tag a storyline title on it. why does Hope always choose the bad guys side over Bo's? why does Hope hang her head on the shoulders of men other then Bo every time then play innocent? why couldn't once Hope stand and trust her husbands decsions and back him and be loyal? if the writers want to disect this couple I say get to the root of Hope's behavior and patterns. they are not becoming on her at all and actually doing her character alot of damage to the point that most people hate her and wish Bo would move on. who wants to watch a man grovel and a woman play her little games with his emotions everytime something goes wrong?this is supposed to be a loving couple that have stood the test of time but it seems one sided to me now Bo trys and Hope throws him away first chance she gets. and hangs her pouty little head on someones shoulder other then her own man.
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