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I have never been a BOPE fan and the reason is Hope. I can't stand how she treats Bo. He used to be this rebel, fuck the rules guy. Now, he's Mr. "by the book," and any little line he crosses, Hope automatically sends him to the "other room" for the night?!

I just think its the writers been lazy with writing for them. They think, "oh shit" I'm stuck with Bope as "endgame," create a "conflict of the week" and thats it.

What could have been a much more detailed SL of maybe a marriage losing its spark, is just a catalyst in creating a situation where Bope would break up. I would have liked seeing a gradual "falling out of love" SL...then insta-bitch Hope choosing insta-villain over the husband of 20+ years?!

I always liked PR and CC's chemistry, so if this facilitates a re-kindling of feelings, I'm all for Bo acting on them!

I'm also open for a Justin/Hope pairing. I think they have a nice chemistry too. Maybe its just that both actors would like a break from carrying the burden of being the last "supercouple" in Salem?
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