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Sep 4 2009, 03:58 PM
It's not bad. At least, there is actual story movement being promoted but I wish they would provide more material here to educate those who do see it on what is going on.

I no longer look at these as promos. Instead, I look at them as mini-sneak peeks. 15 seconds is just way too short and if all they are going to do is post these promos online and barely show them on TV, then I can't just bring myself to consider them as promos. I've told the promo producer this on twitter. The good news is that they will be changing the direction of the promos, so they claim, during the week of 9/14 when NBC unveils it's new promos. We'll see if there is a change. I won't hold my breath but I do look forward to seeing the Carly/Bo/Hope stuff in the next few weeks as the pictures look great.

I am glad they are posting them on hulu now. The more promotion, the better. I just wish they would start airing them more on TV again given all the big stuff that is coming.
Do they not air the promos on SN?I swear I thought that I have seen days promos on there?
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