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Sep 4 2009, 10:12 PM
As far as product placement, why don't they just show the product like they do in the movies? Have them just eat the Cheerios, or have them just drink the Pepsi, or just have the Midol bottle on the shelf while they do the scene around it, etc.
To throw it in a scene and mention it while in the middle of a story is just eye rolling.
If DAYS was international blockbuster making huge money and screened in theaters for months (and next on DVD, payTV, normal TV, ...) the sponsors would be happy to pay for merely a lingering shot. But DAYS is watched by cca. 2,8 mil. viewers in US, and I donīt know how much in Canada (I donīt think the Cheerios producer care about other territories) and is aired once and thatīs it. So of course for them to shell the money out the deal has to be much sweeter. With movies the sponsors are begging the producers and happy for anything they get. With DAYS, the producers are the begging ones and willing to do almost anywhere to get the deal.
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