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Sep 4 2009, 07:10 PM
Nick did not give a rat's ASS about Sharon and who ever she was spreading her legs for!!! he was a little "freaked" upon first hearing about Sharon and Jack, it was during Victor's "epilepsy" arc, but Nick was not upset at all, HELL we was not even UPSET about Sharon sharing her "wares" with BILLY!!! He knows Sharon is a habitural adulteress, HELL she may even be a bit of a sex addict, her addiction is having adulterous sex with FAMILY MEMBERS....and let's just say, I don't think Billy will be the last "FAMILY" member that Sharon Collins Newman Abbott DOES!
Quite the contrary, Nick did and does give a chit about Sharon, that's why he hasn't been able to let her go, the entire time he's been married to Phyllis. While you try knocking Sharon, let's not forget that whore monger that you love so much. Despite all the fake protest of Nick not caring, Sharon's the woman that he's been constantly after, dumped Phyllis after her ultimatum, choosing Sharon. Started divorce proceeding, planning a life with Sharon, until Summer fell ill due to Mary Jane poisoning her. With Nick only returning out of obligation for his child, as Sharon had set him free, sending him back to the default woman. So there's no great love story with Phick.
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