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Sep 5 2009, 11:39 AM
i almost wonder when they said lindsay hartley is connected to someone else in salem...i wonder if this whole drug mystery is tied with carly/ari/viv/and lawrence..cuz victor and lawrence were some major players in the old days with some ruthless people..and if vivian is trying to framecarly for lawrence's supposed death and ari is investigating undercover the whole drug cartel..that could throw her into the mix..which is yet another good reason lindsay hartley is in the role now, because bless FT but lindsay has more uhm "passion"for lack of better terms and is more believable going up against the big dogs..for the passions fans itd be the reminisnce of theresa going up against julian/allister/and rebecca... i personally think this could all be intresting

btw when is her first airdate...as i understood she was to come on in sept right before carly...they sure are keeping this underwraps
We find out next week that Arianna is connected to Roman. She is working undercover, as many of us thought, apparently for the special task force that Roman was wanting Rafe to be on. It will be interesting if we find out that Rafe is also on that special task force and has been undercover all along.
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