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Sep 5 2009, 12:32 PM
Sep 5 2009, 12:08 PM
Sep 5 2009, 11:28 AM
I wrote to Judie Henninger on twitter about the promo...

This is what i wrote:
bad promo for next weeek.. doesn't make me wanna watch.. it's the pace think, and the bad voiceover.. and only showing 1 sl? hmm

This is the respond i got:
What can I say can't please everyone.

I wanna respond with:
...Judging from the ratings it isn't just me your NOT pleasing ;)

but that's too mean, right? lol...
Well since Days just had the greatest ratings week in quite some time.... :lol:
It really doesn't take much to come back from the crap ratings they'd been having.
Days' ratings have been around the same all year, going back to when the promos were longer and better. The show had one bad month (July) ratings-wise and that was in a month where things slowed down considerably and lots of story building was going on. Otherwise, it's been hovering around 2.0-2.1 all year. For most of this year, they were one of the only shows up vs last year (the only other being Y&R). Right around the time the stories began to pick up, the ratings slowly crept back up and now they are back where they were.

I also sincerely doubt a promo that is pretty much only seen online would make a difference in the ratings. This is not the 90's. Hell, it's not even 2008 when NBC aired the promos regularly in daytime and in primetime. Now, they barely do if they do at all. The promos have been absolute shit all year and the show has either stayed the same or increased most weeks with a few weeks bad weeks here and there. The promos aren't making or breaking the show. I agree they are bad and that they could help draw more people in but only if they are shown more will they accomplish that. Merely putting up on a few online sites is not enough. If they are going to continue to do just that, they may as well keep putting out shit like this because only people that are online and know where to find them will see them.

The GH promo is superb but, as Mason said, it's a stunt. The few good promos Days has had this year were when something big was going down. It's very hard to screw up a promo focusing on something big like a stunt or big story twist. I know TPTB are idiots but come on. I won't get into the Y&R promo because I think it looks cheap and far to overdone but one needs to remember NBC does nothing to help Days. ABC and CBS support their soaps. They promote them heavily. Days has a very limited budget. The promo producer has said that they cut the promos down to 15 seconds because the network barely airs the promos anymore. If people want better promotion, I suggest a campaign to get NBC's attention. Days will need NBC support to get some help with promotion. They don't have the money or network support GH or Y&R has. I think Days knows how to really do a promo. They did them well for years. They just don't have what is needed to produce them anymore.
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