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Sep 5 2009, 02:58 PM
Sep 5 2009, 01:41 PM
Sep 5 2009, 01:17 PM
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Monday, Septmeber 7th

Tuesday, September 8th
Rafe gets a call from Sister Theresa; Victor tells Arianna they need to talk; Maggie catches Chad in her house and Mia covers for him; Melanie tries to lie to Stephanie about the sex tape, but Nathan demands she tell the truth.

Wednesday, September 9th
Rafe learns Nicole visited baby Grace at the convent; Victor reveals to Arianna that he knows her secret; Melanie has a painful encounter with Nathan; Hope tells Dean there may be a third suspect in the kidnapping case.

Thursday, Septmeber 10th
Dean realizes Hope is on to him; Bo and Justin argue over Bo's handling of the kidnapping; EJ questions Nicole about her friendship with Sami and her fight with Rafe; Brady and Sami bond over having been hurt by the ones they love.

Friday, September 11th
Mia tells Chad their actions had consequences; Melanie defends Philip to Brady; Will breaks up with Mia; Arianna struggles to control her emotions; Bo races to get to Hope and Ciara.
"Brady and Sami bond..."

God,please tell me they aren't toying with Bami :drunk:
lol....no, they are just commiserating over their "lost" loves. I don't think they will be going there, at least not at this point.
arent they related..in some form.. not by blood but still..days made mistakes with chelsea/max abby /max...ect they need more people in salem who arent family members to have more options..can we please get a family to oppose the kiriakis and the dimeras...hey everyones all obsessed with days becoming passions (even though days did possessions/ spirits/ superhuman powers ect ect long before passions came along) -but how about they bring pilar (passions ) as rafe and ariannas mom..and have her be in the maffia and enemy of victor and stefano and the girl who played natalia on guiding light as the older sister ..that way we can still have natalia/olivia (guiding light) bringing fans of passions and gl over..

i wish theyd just pair mel with nathan or with phillip and be done with it instead of the merry go round..or just get rid of them all. even though i actually like melanie now..forget about stephanie and phillip..nathan is okay
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