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Everytime someone brings up all of the deeds that Phyllis did, Paternity switches, blackmail, attempted murder and even MS said she thinks Phyllis killed Sacha, we are told that is the past. Yet Sharon is held to the fire for things she did years ago.

Sharon is no saint by far however, if I have to pick a better person based on PAST history...it sure isn't going to be a blackmailing, murderer thats for sure. :P
Please explain to me how a "paternity switch" works? Even for a soap this is incredibly stupid.

Are we to believe that overnight Phylis gained enought medical knowledge and training to alter complex DNA markers? lawd! The choice has already been made. MAB was asked about Phylis and Kevn's past misdeeds and her answer was and I quote " Phyllis and Kevin are both compelling characters so their past are overlooked." In other words who the heck cares! That's a big part of the problem for Sharon/Shick fans. You are stuck in the past. If Y&R is going to survive they have, as MAB said move into the 21st Century.

If it ever comes down to a choice at Y&R between Sharon and Phyllis, I have no doubt whatsoever how that vote would go.
Like I have stated on another thread:

Believe it or not "STALWARTS" are the largest fanbase of a show! LOL So, when JM slammed the stalwarts he slammed the majority of the Y&R viewership that holds the show up. JM basically is saying that Nick and Sharon has the largest fanbase based on his remark. STALWART is defined a someone who is loyal, committed and everlasting (viewers) YOUNG AND OLD, I AM YOUNG so JM slammed this young STALWART. Many others who are fans of Nick and Sharon actually took a liking after Nick lost his memory, that is not a stalwart! So, he defined his credibility and his affirmations of 65/35 in a wrong light to many of us fans out here who are not as vocal of a fanbase. JM dissed the Phick fans back in late 06' (after Shick's divorce), 07' (before vault kiss) and early 08' (before Paris kiss), now the man is changing tunes and he rings his bells for Phicks! lol JM is not truthful on any counts, he even says in a latest interview that being married, and knocking up his ex-wife is not being a player! lol He is hilarious beyond words! I am confused by him as I know many are. But, his rooting and tooting for Phick is not here nor there, because Shick's fanbase is larger of the majority cut of stalwarts and newcomers, and people who tune varyingly and just happen to like Shick, he does not know of! Also, JM is not writing the show, if he wants to leave, so be it, he is not an all-around actor, NO offense. Sharon Case is, and she can be paired with other men on the program, and writers just seem to want to place SC WITH JM for some reason. And SC even had said that she enjoyed the sexy love scenes between her and Billy Miller and would have like to take Brad and Sharon's relationship to new heights as a Mr. & Ms. Smith Supercouple. JM can say anything he wants. but the truth is his words mean nothing at all..... :)
Exactly what did JM say to "diss" fans of Phick in the instances you mentioned? I don't remember anything.

JM got his percentages from fan mail, phone calls, and focus groups the show employ to determine fan response.
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