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Am I the only one who thinks the teens got much better? Maybe someone talked with them or the director just gave them a better directions, but I noticed much more energy in Mia and Will on friday and her fight with Chad today was good as well. I love when she gets sarcastic instead of whiny. And her flirting with Will on friday was sort of cute, but I still see more chemistry between her and Chad. I think it helps Casey is an experienced actor because he is able to carry Taylor and made her react. With Dylan, they are both struggling and seems to be afraid to go into a deeper emotions.

I must also confess Iīm totally on the Phillip/Stephanie train again. The scenes with them just fooling around in the bed and Steph wanting the popsicle were just so sweet and romantic. I donīt even mind their latest breakup, because this time itīs something perfectly understanable. Phillip did a mistake, huge mistake, and he has to pay for it. Stephanie has all the rights in the world to be angry at guy who proposed her two times and claims she is the only one fo him, yet has sex with another girl only few days after they split, both swearing they are still in love with the other.

The change in Brady/Arianna dynamic is simply amazing. I love we see them working as a team now. And Brady is the best older non-brother Melanie could ask for. His reaction when Melanie told him about the sex tape was priceless.
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