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Sep 8 2009, 01:15 PM
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Phick isn't bringing in any ratings, it's almost sickening to still read that some Phick fans, are still trying to give credit to a single pairing as the reasons for the former high ratings. What's the problem now, if Phick is the ratings grabber, the ratings have been at an all time low now for awhile with Phick being together. Their re re re re re re re commit redo only gander a 3.4, same as their po-dunk anniversary, only generated a 3.4, so that's not saying so much for them being a ratings getter.

The recommitting got a 3.5 and it was practically the only Friday all summer not only to sustain an audience but to gain one.

Nick did return for Summer but stayed for Phyllis. He is not even a little bit torn about returning to Sharon now that the baby news is out. It's all about Phyllis and how she will feel once she gets the news.
The recommit was on a Thursday, bringing in a 3.4, which did nothing in the way of sustaining the audience. So you say that he isn't, but the actor has said differently. As I think we will see that Nick does try to reunite with Sharon, but with the outside force of someone's machination, it prevents it from happening.
No, it was Friday. That following Monday, Nick had to tell Sharon.

I can totally back it up.
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