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Never a Dull Moment

Melanie has had a hard couple of weeks. Everyone who knows her knows she's in love with Philip Kiriakis. Really, what's not to love? He's gorgeous, rich and he has that bad boy thing going on. Some girls can't resist. Melanie sure can't. "You know how we all have that one guy or girl that, no matter who else comes in the picture, will always be the number one for you? That's Philip for Melanie," Molly told us. But it isn't just the obvious qualities that attract Melanie to Philip. Molly continued, "Mainly it's probably because he wants her but he doesn't always want her. She loves that chase. But, all that chase aside, deep down she's just in love with him."

Everyone knows what that's like. There's that guy, or girl, you have a thing for, or maybe you used to date. And they just won't go away. "There's no closure. He keeps coming back to her. She finally says 'I'm going to move on, I'm going to get Nathan, I'm going to be fine.' Then, Philip comes back! And she says 'all right.'"

"All right" in this case meant that Philip and Melanie made love (finally!). She really believed he wanted her, and maybe was even sort of giving up on Stephanie, but - smart girl - deep down inside, she knew it did not mean happily ever after. "No. Absolutely not. She knows better than that. I'm sure she was thinking the whole time that it didn't mean anything." And when Philip told her she was right, it didn't mean happily ever after and he wanted her to keep mum about the whole incident, a little bit of the old, really not boring Melanie, came back into the picture. "I made a definite acting choice," Molly told us. "I've made Melanie so sweet and she's trying to work on her life, but then in those scenes, the old Melanie from France came back. She changed. Conniving Melanie was back."

"If that's part of your personality," Molly continued, "you can alter it and become a better person, but that will always be there. And something like what Philip did to her, of course it's going to bring it right back."

But, then, things went from bad to worse. Melanie and Philip's little "indiscretion" was videotaped by the manager of the hotel where they stayed, and he put it up on the Internet for the world to see. The world, including Stephanie and Nathan. And Philip. That cannot be good. So, is Melanie the girl who'll never be able to catch a break? "She may be the girl that never does catch a break," Molly agreed, "but then, at the very end, she meets someone who's amazing or Philip finally falls in love with her. At the very end, end, end. I don't think there will ever be anything serious with anybody, until the very end with her."

We'll watch for it, because Melanie is a girl who will never be boring, no matter how good she may act.

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