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Sep 8 2009, 06:09 PM
Sep 5 2009, 02:16 AM
:hail: Thank you bambamm! This is all I was saying.

If people don't like Rafe fine-- but the whole I like Rafe, I don't , I do, I don't, is getting irritating.

To the people who don't like Rafe, you're entitled to your opinion; but those of us that do are too.

As notice to further arguments about this, those of you who don't care for Rafe are not going to make us Rafe likers, hate him too. No arguments are going to do it. And to those on the fence, they're going to make up their own mind.

Can Rafe be a bit flat, maybe sometimes, if I recall correctly I believe Allison Sweeney once gave a possible explation for problems with the bedroom scenes. If my memory holds true, she said everytime they turn the cameras away he makes a joke. There have been many that say Galen is very funny. Flat in other scenes, maybe, but then there are other scenes that make me feel like saying, OMG Rafe you bad boy, and then others that make me laugh and intrigue me.

This is my opinion, and I realize it's not shared by everyone. But everyone is entitled to feel the way they do.

Back to the spoilers, first I think Rafe figures out the miscarriage by overhearing Brady & Nicole. I kinda like them together, he's kind of her conscience. Rafe, you bad boy, see I told you.

But he's always been a lurker, even when he worked for the FBI, I think it's in his blood and maybe his genes-- that remains to be scene.

Sami spends time at the convent, I think this will be good for her-- she needs to recenter herself. So many people have been wispering in her ear, it is now time for her to listen to that internal Sami and rediscover herself.

Melanie :cheer: what can I say I love love love that red headed spitfire, scenes with her again are the tops in my book.

So getting off the Sami/Rafe, argument, for a moment at least-- shout it out what do you think about Mel.
Very well said kitkat. There are a lot of viewers who like GG and the character of Rafe. He has a different style of acting, but he really does the emotional scenes well - just watch his eyes.

I love the fact that Galen is playing Rafe and think he is doing an excellent job. I'll never be convienced that EJ is a better man than Rafe - EVER.
I agree, I think Galen is doing a wonderful job and says so much with just his eyes. In today's scenes when Sami asked for her keys you could see Rafe's pain in his eyes. Even the scenes with Arianna I could see that Rafe felt defeated, but when he received the phone call from St. Teresa his eyes reflected his determination. Some like him some don't but I love what I see on screen from Galen.

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