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Good show today. The friendship between Nicole and Sami doesn't make sense based on the level of enmity they've always had, but I don't really care because I'm enjoying them together. They've always had good frienemy chemistry. I know it won't last anyway because at some point Sami will learn about the baby switch and will be out for Nicole's blood.

Rafe is still annoying. However, I like the new version of Arianna. Loved Brady throwing the pornographer around the motel room. The scene with Melanie and Brady was good, although I wish she could have managed to come up with a few tears. Brady is a much better fit as her big brother than Max ever was.

The Stephanie/Philip break-up scene #99 was saved by the heartbroken, tragic face of Shelley Henning. I actually felt sorry for her, although I don't like the Ross/Rachel "we were on a break" redux. Part of me thinks Steph is being hypocritical because she has broken up with Philip over and over again and repeatedly told him they had no chance together. But at the same time, Philip simply used Melanie for sex and he knew it and Melanie knew it and she should never have gone to that motel room with him. Nathan is the only innocent party in this quad.

Mia actually managed to keep her eyes open today! I was still bored with the teen scenes, but at least she gave off some energy. But the star of today's show was Sydney. That baby is so cute!

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