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I thought Rafe looked like a total moron when he barged into the bathroom after Nicole. I understand that Rafe is suspicious of Nicole and probably doubted that she was really sick, but he looked like an idiot when he came into the bathroom whiel Nicole was washing her hands and looked in the toilet. That was a really bad scene.

One other thing I hate about Sami and Nicole as friends is Sami suddenly totally trusting Nicole. Even if they two are friends right now, Sami needs to always be suspicious of Nicole and should be. For her to be defending Nicole to Rafe is ridiculous. Maybe have her defend Nicole to Rafe, but then at least show a look of doubt on Sami's face afterwards so she doesn't look like a total idiot. For some reason when two people on this show, who used to be sworn enemies, become friends, they totally forget the horrible things they used to do to each other. It's annoying.

I loved Brady in those scenes with the motel manager. He took charge and went into full John Black mode.

Lindsey Hartley as Arianna is love! :wub:

These writers need to turn Mia into a 24/7 bitch. Forget about Kinsey. Get rid of her, fill her spot as the show's teen bitch, and bring in some new girl to play Salem's ingenue. Taylor Spreitler does so much better when she's given bitchy and mean material rather than the whiney pathetic sap they've been writing her as. The way she spoke to Chad and then Nicole, Mia finally came alive.

I avoided the hospital scenes between Stephanie, Melanie, Nathan and Philip. I just don't care, knowing that Philip and Stephanie will be back together by or before the end of the month. What's the point?
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