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Let me preface this by saying that 99% of the time I find myself annoyed watching the first episode of anything because alot of times the dialogue is forced and the episode moves rather slowly since there is so much character description and plot introduction. Tonight was no exception. From the point Sydney is killed right until the episode's ending montage, things moved slowly BUT that happens with any new show. I think that is why they had Sydney killed off so early. It grabs your attention right away and really helps keep the viewer through the whole episode.

I think it's best to divide my comments into positives and negatives:


-I LOVE the style of the show. It's superb. They said they wanted to capture the LA vibe and they did right from the start. I love the camerawork and the use of slow-motion in some scenes. The all around technical aspect really need impress me. The building also looked good.

-Katie Cassidy is AWESOME. I couldn't take my eyes off her. When she was offscreen, I wanted to see more of her. I know they tried way too hard to make her Amanda (more on that later) but I didn't care because the show covered their base by making sure there are some clear differences.

-I like that they are letting the rivalries develop rather then starting the show with some characters hating each other already. They are doing it like the original Melrose and I like that. You can already see some tension between Ella and Riley coming. One of the reasons why I think they laid it on so thick concerning everyone getting along was to make it all the more entertaining when the rivalries do start.

-The characters all interest me, except for Riley. They all have something about them that makes me want to know more. That is a very good sign. It helps too that the acting isn't too bad, except for ASW. Granted, the acting wasn't perfect but it was so much better then many of the originals on Melrose when it first started and I expected far worse but was pleasantly surprised.

-Laura Leighton and Thomas Calabro are great and look great. I really wish we could see more of Sydney outside the flashbacks. Loved their flashback scene together and I like that they hinted at Sydney having a pain medication addiction as a result of her accident. Loved Micheal's car too.

-The ending montage rocked. Every story got turned on it's ear a bit. The ending with Auggie was really good. I was worried because he was the only one who really got little focus in the episode but it became clear why that was at the end of the episode. It's clear they want to go the mysterious route with him and that is why the corny makeshift service for Sydney at the end didn't bother me because I saw it as Auggie, who clearly cared about Sydney at one point, maybe feeling guilty or maybe trying to make himself look good so suspicion doesn't fall on him. I did like how the episode really gave each character ample amount of attention. Balance is always a good thing.


-Ashlee-Simpson-Wentz is awful. I want to give her a chance but...ugh. Violet actually seems interesting (it's clear to me she is going to be Sydney's daughter) but Ashlee takes the life out of every scene. I think Violet is going to end up going psycho at some point which may be for the best as awful actors sometimes become more tolerable when they go crazy LOL.

-Drew's point about Sydney sounding like Amanda was so true. My God, I felt like Sydney was possessed by Amanda Woodward. I understand characters can change and we still have alot to find out about Sydney and what happened but it was painfully obvious they didn't change much, if any at all, of the dialogue. I credit Laura Leighton with helping me to still think "Sydney" when I was seeing her because a lesser actress couldn't have done that.

-I felt Micheal was too dark. Like Leighton, Calabro did enough for me to still see "Micheal" but he came off very cold and almost like he was tormented. Again, I realize we have alot that has to unfold here and there maybe reasons for this but it bothered me a bit. Sure, people change but...it just bugged me. I did like his scenes with David and the background info we got concerning both of them.

-The show itself was missing it's camp factor. I know they want to be different and want to go the darker route but the old Melrose was able to do that and be fun and campy too. Now, it is only the first episode but I didn't see a whole lot that made me think the show will do what the original did and balance things out as well. The good thing is that it looks like it will do serious drama well and the tone and feel is good but it could be great when they add some more camp and fun. I'm still optimistic but it was so shocking to see how dark the show was. Hell, even the lighting was pretty dark.

-The dialogue needs work. First episodes always feature forced and cliched dialogue so, hopefully, it improves in the weeks ahead.

-The character of Riley is a bit too stereotypical. She has no layers whatsoever. I suppose that may be the idea because every show needs it's good girl. That way when Jonah inevitably cheats on her with Ella or someone else, it comes off more naughty and makes him seem more alive. Jessica Lucas is gorgeous and her acting is not bad. I just wish they gave her more layers. Maybe they will come but I doubt it. It's not a bad thing for her to be this way but I just wish she wasn't because then I would be interested in every character. Oh, and that video Jonah made for her right before proposing was horribly cheesy LOL. I can usually enjoy cheesy crap but that was too much for even me :laugh: .

-I really wish we had an opening but I guess I shouldn't be surprised as most shows now just show the cast names on the bottom of the screen as the episode goes on.

All in all, an ok first show. I really look forward to the show now that all the introductory junk is out of the way.
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