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Jonah, Ella and Lauren are the three I'm most enjoying at the moment. ASW ruins any liking I could have for Violet.

I agree with everyone who says it was obviously Amanda's words coming out of Syd's mouth. I finally saw Syd in her flashback with Michael at the hospital. I loved their interaction.

David/Shaun Sipos was better than I expected, sill not great. Jessica Lucas was good but Riley is SO blah. I hope she becomes a raging alcoholic like Alison was. Then maybe she'd be interesting.

Jonah and Michael Rady are very endearing.

I wish we'd get an opening sequence. I'd die to hear a new version of the old theme but I won't hold my breath.

Overall, it was decent for a pilot. I think we'll get dirtier, campier and more typical Melrose as the season progresses. As much as we may find it boring, you really can't have everyone hating each other right from the first episode. Rivalries and stuff have to have to time to develop. Next week, in just the few snippets, looks way better.
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