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Okay. The episode is over and I have to say that I'm a Melrose Place fan again. The production is the best part of the show. The writing is here and there, but hopefully, that gets better as the season continues. That's what happened on 90210. Hopefully, it'll happen on Melrose too.

Ella is my favorite character so far. I love that they made her bisexual. It adds to the sexiness of the character, despite Katie Cassidy accomplishing that already by just her looks. She's gorgeous and she's the character I kept wanting to see all night. I did notice something in Ella's eye when she was in scenes with Jonah, especially that last scene in the courtyard after Jonah and Riley announced their engagement. Ella looked like she wanted Jonah all for herself. Ella = Amanda, Jonah = Billy, Riley = Alison. It's perfect!

Jonah is my second favorite character so far. He's a good guy in the end, but he was conflicted about doing the "wrong thing" and taking the money from that guy. I like that. It shows that despite being labeled a good guy, he's willing to think about bending the rules if it could benefit him or Riley.

Riley is a total bore and a total Alison. I hope they give this bitch an alcoholism storyline or something because she needs something to spice up her life. She's a freaking teacher! Out of all the jobs in LA you can have, she's a teacher.

I like David so far, but I'm worried that I'm not going to like him for long. I feel that he's going to constantly blame Michael for his problems and I don't want to see that. I love his friendship with Ella. It's so obvious that he wants her, but it doesn't look he's ever going to get her until she needs to get with him for her own agenda. I love that.

I like Lauren so far too. Her storyline is the one that really has me interested. I'm glad that they have her taking the deal in the very first episode rather than drawing it out over the first few episodes. I would have rather saw Lauren in scenes with Michael, who offers to help her rank in the medical world if she sleeps with him rather than some random person, but whatever. I'm still hopeful for a Michael/Lauren hook up in future episodes, or at least just a scene, maybe?

I don't really know much about Auggie to form an opinion of him. They really failed at drawing any attention on him throughout the episode. I forgot all about him until the end in the alley. And by then, I just no longer cared about the character. Like Riley, the writers really need to spice up his character and soon.

Violet is the worst part of the show. And I'm not saying it's just becaues of Ashlee Simpson-Wentz either. I just don't like the character so far. I feel like I'm going to be very annoyed by her. Also, I'm convinced that she's going to turn out to be Sydney's daughter like everyone else, even though I hate that. From what we saw on the first Melrose Place, Jane and Sydney's parents were pretty involved in their lives. I don't believe for one second Sydney would've gotten pregnant as a teenager and gave the baby up for adoption, and Jane nor her parents would ever discuss it. That makes no sense. Amanda on the other hand, who I believe was originally supposed to be Violet's mother, has a very checkered and secretive past. It's totally believable that she would've gotten pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption and the secret would never have to come up because we didn't know much about Amanda's past. I mean, her father and mother appeared in the first show, but they were the type of parents that would totally want to cover Amanda's pregnancy and hide it, so they would never mention it.

If it's not obvious that Laura Leighton was the show's second choice, and Heather Locklear was their first, just in this premiere episode, I don't know what is. And the sad part is, aside from that one Michael and Sydney scene at the hospital, and David and Michael's scenes in the car, the show made no attempts to change Sydney's dialogue and story from what they had original planned for Amanda. I can't wait until the murder mystery is over and Sydney is never heard from again. Because if they're going to continue writing the character without actually writing for the character of Sydney, I don't want to even see her.
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