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One other thing I hate about Sami and Nicole as friends is Sami suddenly totally trusting Nicole. Even if they two are friends right now, Sami needs to always be suspicious of Nicole and should be. For her to be defending Nicole to Rafe is ridiculous. Maybe have her defend Nicole to Rafe, but then at least show a look of doubt on Sami's face afterwards so she doesn't look like a total idiot. For some reason when two people on this show, who used to be sworn enemies, become friends, they totally forget the horrible things they used to do to each other. It's annoying.

I agree. For as much as she blasted Nicole to Rafe only 2 months ago, she sure has forgotten all that she said, not to mention their long history of being enemies. Just the fact that she is a Dimera should send up about 100 red flags for Sami.
I was wondering if Sami said what she said to Rafe in front of Nicole yesterday just to hurt him. She cannot actually think that she should trust Nicole over Rafe. Doesn't even make sense.
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