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I think EJ is involved too. There is a spoiler for next week saying Mia finally admits to Chad she had his child. And the actor playing Chad twittered some time ago he tapes some scenes with James. I think what will be exposed now is the miscarriage, so everybody (including Chad, EJ and Mia) will believe Sydney is really Mia´s child.

Rafe is the only one who will discover the rest, but he will disappear before he can tell it anyone.
You know, this storyline is confusing enough with all of the baby switches, and who is who's daddy, and who is who's baby. To just drag it out longer makes it more confusing.
As much as I loved it and everyone who was involved and how soapy it got, I am really over all of it. Isn't that a shame?
I think a great many people feel just as you do. They've completely over played the story to the point of nobody caring all that much. It's gone on so long, and taken so many twists and turns and involved such a variety of characters that it's gotten lost within itself. At this point, it's long past time to reveal the whole danged thing. Having more partial reveals, which really result in not much more than false alarms, just frustrates the viewers and dilutes the huge impact that having the entire truth come out at once could have.
I think it was good even though I hated that it wasnt an original s/l but IMO what ruined it was all the fake outs. You dont even have to follow the internet boards or spoilers to know that this is the M.O. of Days/JER/Soaps so to me these fake outs have ran their course and they should either stop doing them all together or keep them to a minimum. Ari's a talented actress but I can only take her "oh shit, I'm busted, let me grovel, take pity on me, I did it for my family, dont kill me" facial expressions for so long. Not to mention how unsavory EJ has become in all this; blowing up at Nicole everytime she leaves the house because she's not at his beck and call and how fucking stupid he looks having 2 not very smart women scamming him when said scams are fueled on sheer dumb luck.
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