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This week's SOD features interviews with Ali Sweeney, Ari Zucker and Galen Gering.

Nicole is trying to convince Sami that Rafe is being irrational in his investigation of Grace's death, and as part of this, she tells Sami that Rafe brought her to the convent as part of his investigation. Sami tells Nicole that she doesn't think Nicole had anything to do with Grace's death, but she also tells Nicole that she believes in Rafe and doesn't think he's doing anything wrong.

Sami does, however, go to the convent to see if Nicole's story is true. She finds that Rafe did indeed take Nicole there. Meanwhile, Nicole gets a restraining order against Rafe. However, this just makes Rafe more suspicious that something is going on. "It solidifies in his mind that this chick is totally hiding something," Galen Gering tells SOD. Rafe still isn't sure what's happening, but as Gering says, Rafe does know "that there is some connection between [Nicole] and Sami and Dr. Baker and Grace".

EJ hears about the restraining order and asks Nicole about it. Nicole tells EJ that she doesn't understand why Rafe is so obsessed with her. Ari Zucker tells SOD, "Technically, she is not lying. She is just not telling everything yet. Why tell everything when you don't have to?" Nicole and EJ make love, and then Nicole goes to the park to meet Brady. However, Rafe follows her there.

Rafe eavesdrops on their conversation. He can't hear everything, but he does hear Nicole say, "EJ can never find out about my miscarriage." Rafe doesn't know if Nicole is referring to a recent miscarriage, or if she perhaps had one long in the past.

Sami, meanwhile, is at the convent, and she calls Rafe after she has a talk with a nun there. In the course of Sami and Rafe's conversation, as Gering says, "it comes out that Baker took Grace away from Sami after the baby was born." Sami doesn't think she's said anything significant, but Rafe jumps all over this and begins questioning her. Ali Sweeney tells SOD, "[Sami] tells the story and it upsets her all over again and she just kind of hangs up on Rafe because it's bringing back all of these bad memories."

Rafe then talks to Sarah, a nurse at the clinic who was working with Dr. Baker. Sarah lets on that Dr. Baker was in the business of selling babies. Gering says, "It's on the heels of that that suddenly Rafe says, 'Holy sh--. Nicole had a miscarriage and somehow she found out Sami was pregnant by EJ and wanted that baby.'" Gering continues that before Rafe tells Sami, Rafe wants to make sure he has evidence, so he calls someone he knows at the FBI and asks if a DNA test can be run. The FBI contact tells him to provide something of Grace's and something of Sydney's, and then the test can be done.

Rafe calls Sami, but she's praying, so he leaves a message with a nun. Then, Rafe goes to Sami's to get samples for the DNA test. But who does he see there? Meredith, who, as Gering tells SOD, "smashes him in the head with the fireplace poker".

Meanwhile, Nicole has asked EJ to take her to Paris for a late honeymoon. SOD relates that Nicole does not plan on returning to Salem. Zucker says, "It's her way of getting out of town so she doesn't have to deal with Rafe or Sami... she has her family with her, and that's all that matters."

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